Russian Bear

Russians slated to return to Phuket

The economy of Phuket will pick up over the next couple of years because the Russian economy, ruble and stock market are finally recovering. Russia’s energy and commodity driven economy was hit hard by low energy and commodity prices, along with President Obama’s sanctions in response to conflict in Crimea in 2014 and other troubles in Eastern Ukraine.

The election of Donald Trump offers hope in thawing frosty US-Russia relations. However, it might be difficult to get Congress to significantly ease or eliminate the sanctions altogether.

Russian business sentiment, consumer confidence and capital/investment inflows were already improving before President Trump was elected, as oil prices began to stabilize and modestly recover. This helped the ruble to bottom in early 2016 at just below the US$1:Rub0.013 level and to subsequently rise to US$1:Rub0.017 (as of last month).

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Rental Program

Rental guarantee programs: hassle-free way to earn on investments

Phuket has been an investment hub for foreigners from all around the world. Both professional investors and working individuals seek risk-free and easy ways to keep and increase their savings.  Some opt for fixed bank deposits, others gamble or save money in piggy banks. Many others wisely invest in real estate.

Investments in real estate have proved to be the most secure and profitable way of making money. However trouble-free and unbelievable this may seem, there is a real opportunity to yield guaranteed profit through rental programs run by Phuket’s developers and management companies. These rental programs offer a hassle-free return on your investment. The return is guaranteed, real and absolutely legal.

How do these programs work to be able to actually guarantee a certain rental % to you?

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Immigration Service

Children will not be blacklisted for overstaying their visas

PHUKET: Children will not be blacklisted for overstaying their visas, officials confirmed today.

Thailand’s implementation of a regulation to blacklist overstayers will not affect those under the age of 18, explained Immigration Commissioner Nathathorn Prousoontorn. The news follows much uncertainty in Phuket after the regulations were announced earlier this month.

“The new penalties came into effect on March 20. They are part of the Immigration Bureau’s campaign: ‘Good Guys In, Bad Guys Out’,” Lt Gen Nathathorn explained at a public meeting at Phuket Boat Lagoon today.

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buying property in Phuket

How Much You Need to Own Property in Phuket

Every year you come to Phuket on holiday you can’t but notice all these billboards and posters advertising property in Phuket. You might have friends who own a condo or a villa on the island. However, when it comes to making a firm decision in favour of buying something for yourself you get completely confused and lost in the sea of the offers and options.

The first and foremost question is how much one needs to afford luxury of owning some property. Being property experts we have summarized various purchase scenarios for you to get a better understanding of what is available on the market, and how much it might cost.

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Investing in Phuket

Investing in Phuket: perfect timing

Phuket is growing and developing like never before despite currency fluctuations and volatility in the market that have defined purchasing patterns over the past nine months. This year has been a bit quitter especially for real estate brokers oriented at Russian buyers. The dramatic drop of Russian rouble and the relatively unfavourable rate of Euro to Thai Baht made foreign investors reconsider their property purchase plans. Yet, those who can see the potential have been proactively investing in condominiums and villas in Phuket. The reason – Phuket is going to thrive and attract twice more tourists from all over the world. Isn’t it the best time for real estate in Phuket?

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How to buy property in Thailand

How to buy property in Thailand? 9 easy steps

It seems to have been discussed a zillion times. There are dozens of various articles on the internet related to the topic, yet it is not an easy task to define and make the very first step towards a villa or an apartment of your dreams.
Here we will list all of the steps related to buying property in Thailand, and in Phuket in particular.

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Tourism in Thailand

Thailand’s tourism is strengthening more than ever

As you know Thailand has been rocked by the unstable political situation for quite a while but with Thailand’s reputation as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Thailand’s tourism remains intact. Although the country is now being under the administration of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) it has had no impact on Thailand’s tourism at all.

In general, one may see that ‘coup’ could introduce disorder and credibility gaps to the country but this is not the case for Thailand’s situation. In contrast, the NCPO brings confidence and trust in many aspects towards Thailand including business investment and tourism.

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Leasehold and Freehold in Thailand

I am a foreigner. Which options do I have to own property in Thailand?

You have decided to purchase property in Thailand however you still have questions as to how to own the property legally. We have summarised the basic information you need to know in our FAQs.

I am a foreigner. Which options do I have to own property in Thailand?

Here we have to define which type of property you are going to buy:

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Title Deeds Types in Thailand

What types of title deeds exist in Thailand?

  • Chanote (Chanod). This is the best title deed of all in terms of its legal power. Any land plot under  Chanote is ready for sale, and the land can freely owned or transferred.
  •  Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor.  This is a pre-Chanote title deed. It is represented by (aerial) airplane photography by the government which can be made into Chanote at the Phuket land department.
  • Nor Sor 3 (Sam). This is the old form of Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor. It requires to be updated to Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor before making it Chanote.
  • Tor Tor 3 (Sam).  This title deed can be tricky. If a land plot is sold under Tor Tor 3 (Sam) it means the transfer of ownership shall be made between persons. You will require a professional lawyer or even an independent agent to carry due diligence.
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Thai Visa for Property Owners

Does the ownership of property in Thailand give a foreigner specific visa preferences or privileges?

No. Owning property in Thailand does not entitle a foreigner to any particular visa exemptions. Partly it is due to fairly transparent and simple visa regulations which do not restrict foreign nationals from entering the country on a regular basis.

If you are 50 years of age or over you may obtain a retirement visa, Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa. An applicant must meet the age and the financial requirements which are:

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