Title Deeds Types in Thailand

What types of title deeds exist in Thailand?

  • Chanote (Chanod). This is the best title deed of all in terms of its legal power. Any land plot under  Chanote is ready for sale, and the land can freely owned or transferred.
  •  Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor.  This is a pre-Chanote title deed. It is represented by (aerial) airplane photography by the government which can be made into Chanote at the Phuket land department.
  • Nor Sor 3 (Sam). This is the old form of Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor. It requires to be updated to Nor Sor 3 (Sam) Gor before making it Chanote.
  • Tor Tor 3 (Sam).  This title deed can be tricky. If a land plot is sold under Tor Tor 3 (Sam) it means the transfer of ownership shall be made between persons. You will require a professional lawyer or even an independent agent to carry due diligence.
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Thai Visa for Property Owners

Does the ownership of property in Thailand give a foreigner specific visa preferences or privileges?

No. Owning property in Thailand does not entitle a foreigner to any particular visa exemptions. Partly it is due to fairly transparent and simple visa regulations which do not restrict foreign nationals from entering the country on a regular basis.

If you are 50 years of age or over you may obtain a retirement visa, Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa. An applicant must meet the age and the financial requirements which are:

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Property Taxes in Thailand

What taxes and fees should I pay when I buy or sell property in Thailand?

When it comes to taxes imposed or associated with property and real estate in Thailand you must know in advance how much you must pay, when and how often. Here you may find the basic categories of taxes and fees.

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Land Measurement

How is land measured in Thailand?

Land MeasurementThailand has its specific traditional units of measurements.
When you look at a land plot you will see the size of it in talang wah, ngan and rai.
1 rai equals to 1600 sq. m. Whereas 1 wah is 2 m, and 1 talang wah is 4 sq. m.
1 ngan is 100 talang wah, or 400 sq. m.
Therefore one rai is comprised of 4 ngan.

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Thai Banks

SWIFT Codes of all Thai banks


When you need a certain amount of money to be transferred from abroad to your or a developer’s Thai bank account the fastest way would be to do an international wire to your recieving Thai bank. Nowadays you can even do this online. Any transfer requires a Thai Bank’s SWIFT code in addition to other bank details.

To have this handy we have put all the Thai Banks swift codes together for your convenience.

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